What We Do:

Our constructability review service is the optimum use of construction knowledge and experience early in the planning and design to achieve overall project objectives. 


The ultimate purpose of a constructability review is to improve document quality before they go out to bid and construction- to save clients time and money- through the identification and reconciliation of ambiguous and conflicting design elements reducing change orders and RFI’s




Our constructability review process is more then a simple back office document review exercise.  We take the time to meet our clients to thoroughly understand their program; we conduct site visual site inspections to help identify potential impediments to the design and construction process; and we establish lines of communication with the entire design and construction team from the outset.

The team is comprised of professionals that have worked on the design of buildings as well as in the field building buildings with real world experience.  This experience has generated a culmination of thousands of lessons learned based on real projects and real issues that have resulted in millions of dollars in savings for our clients.

Most importantly, we carefully review the contract documents to ensure they comply with the program and ultimately meet the objectives for the space.  Historically, a third party constructability review is unpleasant for architects due to the harsh tone and adversarial climate created through the written comments.  That’s not the case with ECCR.  We are expert technical writers and communicators.  The emphasis of each comment is on resolving an issue through team collaboration.  our role is to help the architects develop a thorough, biddable and buildable set of construction documents that meets the client’s program, and to provide the contractor with the level of detail needed to keep the project on schedule with minimal delays and changes.

Let’s work together.