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Transportation/ Engineering

  • St. Joseph’s Medical Center Parking Structure
  • Venice Dual Force Main 
  • East D Street Grade Separation Back Check
  • MACBE Metro Atlantic 1 Central Bus Base Expansion Package B North Yard and Street Expansion
  • King County Power Distribution Headquarters Replacement Project – King County Dept. of Transportation
  • Install Fire / Life Safety System Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 East
  • lrnprove Instrument Approach Equipment lrnprove Runway Safety Area (EMAS)
  • Terminal 18 – North Gate Redevelopment
  • Terminal 18 North Gate Redevelopment Back Check
  • Construct Airfield Lighting Improvements San Diego international Airport
  • Employee Parking Lot, N.T.C. San Diego international Airport
  • Terminal 1 East Upgrades Gates 1 and 2 Conversion Back Check
  • CIP 3056A Reseal PCC Joints
  • Implement ADA Recommendations
  • Port District – Demo
  • Commuter Terminal – Third Floor Office Space San Diego International Airport, Lindbergh Field
  • General Services Facility
  • Modification/Upgrade to CCTV and Keypads on Security System
  • Oil water Separators – Phase II, San Diego International Airport
  • Upgrade and Expand Restrooms Terminal 1 East Rotunda
  • Upgrade Electrical Back-Up for Access Control System
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